Content Marketing.

Reach people with useful content.


Do you solve your customers’ problems with useful content?

The you are already in the midst of content marketing!

This page addresses the most important aspects of content marketing . Here, the deep divers also have the opportunity to explore and broaden their knowledge on specific topics of content marketing. Just click on linked terms and read on!

Was ist Content Marketing?

1. What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique which informs, entertains and advises customers through high-quality and useful content (blog articles, e-books, infographics, videos, newsletters, white paper etc.).

Content marketing improves the public image of the company, builds trust, serves to attract and retain customers and helps with search engine optimization.

Content Marketing und Storytelling

2. Content Marketing and Story Telling

People love stories. Through stories, information can be perfectly transmitted and remembered. There is something about them that the human brain longs for: they arouse emotions. And emotions are the best trigger for action.

Not only are stories intriguing but they are always useful, too. They can either entertain or teach, inspire thought or offer advice. Good stories attract attention.
Therefore, content marketing is always about stories and how to tell them. Through the art of storytelling a content marketer decides how information is conveyed through the help of stories.

Warum Content Marketing?

3. Why content marketing?

Content marketing is an advertising medium with impact. It’s superpower: building strong relationships with customers through problem solving.

Offer content that doesn’t advertise your products, but rather solves customer problems. To do this, you have to know your customers well (keyword: Buyer Personas). If done properly, you will be rewarded with trust. If people trust you, then they are more willing to count on your products and services as well.

Wie funktioniert Content Marketing?

4. How does content marketing work?

When you do content marketing, you are an expert and an entertainer rolled into one. You give advice and put a smile on the reader’s face. You are an all-rounder. But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. The magic word here is content hub.

A content hub is nothing more than a content archive or a content collection. It is the starting point of your content marketing strategy. All your multimedia content is at home here, including text, video, audio, images, infographics, social media content, etc. These are then made available, for example, as a blog and networked with one another. A content hub is the quintessence of your online marketing presence. It structures the various contents and enables interested parties easy and logical access to the information relevant to them.

Market your content hub or the individual delicacies such as blog posts actively so that you can be found! And most importantly: don’t forget to ask the prospect if you can contact them! This step is crucial as it can turn your website visitors into leads before they are gone again.

But how does it work? With even more free content! Create an e-book, an infographic or statistic and offer it as a free download. In return, the visitors subscribe to your newsletter mailing lists and become leads. As you can see, content marketing is an important part of inbound marketing.

Für wen eignet sich Content Marketing?

5. Who is content marketing for?

Nothing works without content marketing today. Content marketing is a must for all B2B and B2C companies who want to be visible online and who want to turn customers into fans. As the customer has the power these days, they decide where they want to be, when and at which point in the customer journey. Before making a decision, they search online, compare and pick out the right offers. When they are ready to buy, they’ll contact you. Or buy with one click.

It is critical that the prospect finds you when they go looking. And the best way to find you is through exciting content that is unique and engages the customer.

Content Marketing gewinnt

6. Conclusion: content marketing wins

If you implement content marketing into your business strategy, your company will become well-known, you will be rewarded with higher rankings, your website will get more traffic, the visitors will become leads. With consistently good content comes more trust in your products and growth.

You can also create something valuable with a content hub which is already a product in itself. A product that can become a top brand.