The Drüberflieger Strategy

Why do you need the Drüberflieger Strategy?

The amount of information that floods us is continuously rising. Mostly going unnoticed, more than 10.000 advertising messages approach us daily. Our brain has a defense mechanism that protects us from information overload: selective perception.

Selective perception acts as a filter. The brain records every information unit and filters those that are not relevant to us. While we perceive the messages that match our interests and opinions more consciously, negativity and objections are largely disregarded.

The consequence: We all are Drüberflieger.

We only get our teeth into the subject matter of the messages our brain curated and identified as a high priority for us. That way Drüberflieger are turned into deep-divers.

Welcome to the Drüberflieger Society

Have you ever observed people on the subway or bus? Everyone is holding their phone, single-handedly navigating through myriads of photos and texts.

Scrolling and swiping have become second nature to us. We unconsciously consume the things we see, quickly taking snapshots with every blink. Only rarely, when something really, really captures our attention, we decide to invest a bit more time and take a closer look.

Sound familiar to you? Welcome to the Drüberflieger Society!

Now, how do Drüberflieger behave online? They install ad blockers and unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters. They scroll through carefully curated feeds and let smart algorithms suggest tailored content.

Thus, the selection process continues. The passive process has turned into an active one, from the unconscious selective perception of the brain to the process of conscious selection, where the platform operators and algorithms are on it, too.

To sum up: The continuous flood of information forces us to consciously and subconsciously filter information more vigorously.

Marketing reimagined

Marketing Messages without added values is marketing without a future.

We have all been saturated by too many advertising messages. We don’t want advertisements any longer but useful information, recommendations, and discoveries.

We look out for what actually interests us online. We roam search results and click on what sounds the most promising to us. We google solutions for problems, read reviews and buy top-rated products. We are susceptive to recommendations from our network and friends – in a personal conversation or the shape of a social media post.

There are many ways to reach out to Drüberflieger but only the really relevant information lets them dive in deeply.

The art of condensation

This is where the Drüberflieger Strategy comes into play. While keeping an eye on the selective perception, marketing is reimagined as a transformation that turns from advertising slogans and sales angles into a service for people looking for solutions. So, how does this look in detail you may wonder? Here we will give you a brief explanation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Step One: We start with an analysis and consultation phase where we define goals, products and target groups.

Step Two: In the conception phase we generate ideas and ways to communicate with Drüberflieger optimally.

Step Three: When it comes to the implementation, the focus lies on quality rather than quantity. Drübeflieger want content that is on point, useful and appealing. This where the art of condensation comes into play and information is compressed to its utility and added value.

Step Four: To measure the success of the strategy, a regular result analysis is required. This step shows which content is received in what way.

Step Five: The last step consists of the optimization process where ideas are further developed and concepts refined. With each round of optimization, the strategy improves and becomes more effective. In the end, you have a customer whom you know very well and who has turned from a Drüberflieger into a deep diver.

Only those who have mastered the art of condensation serving engaging and convenient content on point, can get through to Drüberflieger.

The Drüberflieger Strategy –
A practical Example

Through our Drüberflieger Strategy we managed to significantly elevate the key figures of a fashion industry client’s newsletter dispatch. The opening rates increased by 31 % and the click rates by 42 %.

Download the case study here for free and find out which steps we undertook to archive such performance figures.

Facts about Drüberflieger

  • First impressions count! 55% of users spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. A combination of pleasing design and usability creates the magic needed to provide a great user experience.
  • Time is precious! Users don’t like to wait and they appreciate efficiency. Whether a site and its content load quickly is crucial. According to a study by Adobe, 51% of consumers would stop viewing content altogether if it took too long to load.
  • People do judge a book by its cover! An aesthetically pleasing yet easy to understand design is crucial. Within 50 milliseconds users decide whether or not they like what they see. So make it worthwhile!
  • Mobiles are important! There are 4.2 billion unique mobile Internet users (Statista April 2020). As people often surf the Internet while on their phones, it is crucial t to have a mobile optimized version of your website.

The key to successfully reaching out to users is to create content that is so good that people crave more.

Good content is content that offers value to the user. The better you know the users, the better you can create content that matters.

Now it’s time to create

Here is our recipe for great content. Please only use high-quality ingredients like unique headlines and visual material that you have produced or bought yourself. We recommend spending a little more time creating a heart-warming dish rather than junk food. However, it doesn’t have to be haute cuisine.

  1. Start with an engaging headline that draws attention to your content and raises curiosity and interest. With an interestingly crafted introduction to your content, the headline functions as a delicious appetizer that makes you excited to try more.
  2. Your main text should be inspiring and offer value to the reader. Everyone should be able to understand what you want to express.
  3. Add a visual element that supports the text. It is the decoration on the plate that helps create an aesthetically pleasing meal; enhancing, but not distracting. What kind of visual element you use is really up to you! It can be a photograph, an infographic, or a GIF. (If your core content is visual, then adjust the measurements accordingly: Key Visual, supporting text.)
  4. Last but not least, add a Call-to-Action to give your content more purpose. The Call-to-Action is an engaging element like “Read more” or “Get in Touch”. This element rounds up the whole meal you created. Yum!

Are you up for a challenge?

We hope your answer is: YES!

Don’t worry! You don’t have to do everything on your own. We will help you navigate your way through the marketing jungle and support you wherever and whenever you need.